Some piece of wisdom for myself.

As we get old we start to realize that most of what we dedicate our time and energy to are thoughts, persons or things that we would be better off without.

If it is worth it you will know, it won’t make you doubt yourself ever.

People tend to think that having more of something is always better, but the truth that statement is dead wrong. Quality>Quantity, that’s the golden rule. I will rather have one meaningful relationship than 10 flings.

The thing is, that to have a meaningful life, you need focus and a clear mind. A clear mind is utmost necessary for all this; a clear mind guides you through the darkness and shadiness of your thoughts. Clear thoughts let you know what you really want out of your life and after you’ve established your goals, the power of focus lets you use 100% of the mental resources reside within you to achieve them.

Rest, a good night of sleep clears the mind and upgrades your focus game.

You don’t have to be everything or do everything, you just have to be meaningful and true to yourself with your actions.

Remember it takes time, patience is a virtue, Rome wasn’t build in a day and neither you are going to achieve your goals. It takes hard work and a little weenie of luck.

Avoid spreading yourself too thin and the rat game.

Enjoy the journey.

Share your knowledge, add value to this world.

“Just focus on the one or two really really important things, and everything else, just surrender to it. Just take it as it comes. Just accept it. Be glad with it. Be happy that you’re in this world.” — Naval

I don't understand myself, so I don't expect that you do either. Trying to add some value to this world.